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Become an inspiring teacher! Teachers Training reignites your passion for teaching


Most of us are lucky enough to have had at least one great teacher. Someone who inspired us, motivated us, challenged us, believed in us and most importantly, taught us something of value. And yet, all of us have had plenty of mediocre or even bad teachers, who seemed uninterested in their own subjects and in us.

What makes the difference? How can you become a great teacher? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, although teachers have been trying to get it right since time immemorial. Even back in ancient Greece you could find the same two forms of education we have today: formal (attained through attending classes or lectures, or having a hired tutor/teacher) and informal (provided by an unpaid teacher and occurring outside an academic setting). In either form, and even today, the profession of teaching requires the same mix of specific pedagogic knowledge, dedication and love for the job, human empathy and experience.

Teaching someone how to become a good teacher itself requires great teachers and proven methods. It’s our belief that through specific training, aspiring teachers can learn about and improve techniques that lead to higher performance in class. Moreover, although the role of the teacher is much the same as it was back in the days of the Greek philosophers, the world itself has changed and teaching needs to keep up with those changes. The increasing use of technology, specifically the omnipresence of the Internet, has changed the way teachers present information in the classroom and is a priceless resource if teachers know how to use it to their advantage.

If you’re a teacher, or want to be a teacher, you surely want to be the type that students remember fondly as really helping them to master their material. Our training team can help you achieve that goal and give you the encouragement and tools you need to really become the teacher students really hope for when they sign up for any given class, eager to learn. Although many students cannot define what makes for a good teacher, we teachers know from experience that a good teacher is one who is friendly, supportive and enthusiastic. Teachers can affect how students perceive the subject matter and teachers who are passionate about what they teach spread that passion. These teachers do not teach by rote but continually bring fresh ideas to the class.

All the members of our teachers training team are qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers themselves who apart from the well structured academic knowledge, can share personal experience with you and help you grow in your expertise while gaining self-confidence and developing the right attitude for teaching. Our main goal is that teachers leave our workshops with a heart full of love for their job and for their students which we hold as the foundation for any good teaching.

Thus, in line with our school's philosophy, the training programme focuses on specific aspects of teaching and practical classroom management along with group discussions where everybody can share personal experiences. Not only do we work together, but we relax together over lunch, building friendships and a network of support.

Here are some examples of workshop themes:

-Teacher's style and attitude, getting to know your students better, assessing the educational level of the students on particular skills, structuring your lessons, different types of lessons and the pedagogy of teaching styles, using lesson plans

-Making your lessons fun, easy and professional, playing and using games in class, techniques for making your students speak

-Teaching grammar without scaring your students, teaching grammar for use in business language

-Getting the most out of a text, learning vocabulary interactively

-Choosing the right teaching support for your lessons, finding teaching resources, using a wide variety of teaching supports other than the main text book, electronic support, learning by doing something manual or a cultural activity, etc.

-Tackling recurrent problems in class, dealing with differences of level within a group, dealing with attitude problems or ‘difficult’ students, etc.

Workshops run for one or two days a month on specific themes and are highly interactive, involving all the participants and giving them the opportunity to try the proposed techniques. You can subscribe for one or more, depending on your interest, time availability and the number of candidates in the group (a maximum of 10 per group). Classes are scheduled for a full day programme that starts at 9 a.m and finishes at 5 p.m with one hour lunch break and two other 20 minute breaks all through the day. Lunch and snacks provided by Mylanguage.

Our training is designed for all teachers, both beginners and experienced. Teachers, like other professionals, should engage in continuing professional development, not only to learn about new tools and methods, but to keep their own enthusiasm high. Don’t fall into a rut, become enslaved by routine and become an ineffective teacher. Recharge your batteries, reignite your passion and become a true inspiration for your students. Your ‘job’ will become a true vocation you approach with enthusiasm and joy, and the passion for your subject will keep on inspiring your students not only for the length of your course, but forever.     


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