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Why are our teachers qualified?

Wherever you are taking a class, it is very likely that your teacher will have a huge influence on how much you learn and how enjoyable the class is. This is why at Mylanguage, the quality of our teachers is a major point of emphasis. Here are a couple of reasons why you will probably find the best teaching experience at Mylanguage.

  1. We respect teachers. This means we respect intellectual services, honor their preparation and dedication and pay all teachers fair wages because we know the amount of work that goes into preparing a good class. To provide competitive prices, we save on other costs, but not at the expense of our teachers. 
  2. Our teachers all have substantial academic training in teaching and linguistics. Contrary to other language providers, merely being a native speaker is not considered adequate preparation for teaching.
  3. Mylanguage makes every curriculum from scratch and provides extensive training to its teachers. We interview our teachers personally and make sure not only their skills but also their personality is suited for you!
  4. We monitor our teachers closely so that if there is opportunity for growth we can work on it together!

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