Interview Training/Video CV

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Interview training and Video CV

The newly emerging yet efficient way to present oneself is a video CV. Hip and functional, the short video replaces the tradional curriculum vitae and reveals more about the applicant than text does. Important milestones and one’s aptitudes can be presented in a more direct way that draws the viewer, that is the employer’s attention. Languages are applied and skills are put to the test.

In association with Andra Maria Matresu, our video production partner, Mylanguage offers to accompany you through the process of promoting your skillset to the employer by means of visual media. According to your needs, we provide a tailor-made script that serves as a guideline to present yourself in front of the camera. Our associate partners film and edit the sequences into a coherent video. In addition, Mylanguage certifes that the language skills claimed in the video CV correspond to your true capabilities.

Interview training

The date of the interview is approaching. The strain of uncertainty is unbearable. We know that CV and cover letters are required to get you there, but the real test is the interview. We want it to turn out perfectly so that the employer has a good and lasting impression of us. What we do not want to convey is our nervous side that cringes under pressure. We would like to be able to showcase our real capabilities but this requires adequate preparation.

Who would be more fitting to prepare us than the directors sitting on the other side of the desk? Mylanguage collaborates with HR managers who interview job applicants on a regular basis and offer you competent tips. The interview trainer guides you through the dos and don’ts and simulates a real life interview. Mylanguage oversees all of the linguistic aspects of your interview.

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