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A creative way to improve your English! New Creative Writing Course offered


It’s one thing to know how to use the past tense or the conditional, and another to know how to use language to express your deepest thoughts, your emotions, your dreams. If you have a few English basics down already, why not have a little fun with the language and use it creatively?

Even if you’re at a pre-intermediate or intermediate level, you can play with the language, not only despite the fact that you’re not a native speaker, but in some cases because you are. Your native language will help you say things in English in fresh ways; you’ll bring your own cultural identity and rich linguistic skills to your writing.Our Creative Writing Class will help you use and explore the English language while having fun with it. In the class we will explore different writing styles, be given fun writing and creativity exercises to do in class, write descriptions, dialogue, poetry, articles, and more and be invited to share with others (not mandatory but encouraged!).

The class is taught by one of our English teachers, Wendy Winn, a writer, journalist and artist. She has published stories and poems, had theatre pieces performed in Luxembourg, translated and written numerous books and is a freelance journalist. She has a BA in English and an MA in creative writing. She brings to the class not only her love of writing, but her experience with Mylanguage as an English teacher for non-native speakers. During the class, students will also be improving their English skills – in such a fun way they might not even notice!





S5 Box

S5 Box