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From website content in several languages to the detailed translation of legal documents, our work is fast and accurate.


Globalisation has created a vast international market that depends on clear communication to function. Misunderstandings due to translation errors can be costly for companies and individuals alike.

Sworn legal documents

Legal documents are full of difficult legal jargon and complex definitions. When we sign a contract, we ought to read the fine print since we know that anything we agree upon can be used against us. Our signature binds us by law. An insufficient language level blurs our comprehension of legal texts and can even lead to misinterpretations in court. Owing to this, it is advised to consult a professional translator instead of relying on the layman’s translation. Many of our translators are certified by the Luxembougish Ministry of Justice, know the ins and outs of sworn translations and of course put reliability and confidentiality first.

Private or Public

Whether you are a private customer or a public institution, Mylanguage provides reliable and quick translations. We have experience dealing with Birth/Marriage certificates, Grade transcripts, engineering papers, medical literature, website translations and more.

You can obtain a translation from/to German, English, French, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Bulgarian, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Contact us today with your specific requests and we will make you a competitive offer. STUDENTS TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW of a 25% discount on documents related to your studies!

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