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Do you want to relax this summer of 2017?

Longing for a change of scenery?

What if you could do that while learning a language in Luxembourg?


Why not learn German by visiting a museum or shopping in Trier? Or French by making delicious chocolate mousse? English by going to the movies? Luxembourgish by discovering beautiful new parts of the country?


This summer, Mylanguage is offering a complete cultural immersion experience in form of week-long intensive courses. At Mylanguage, we think of culture and language as intertwining things. It is easier to learn a language by accomplishing concrete tasks. 

Sitting in front of a blackboard all day can be boring.  This is why we decided to offer to everyone novel playful activities based on kinesthetic learning.


Satisfaction guaranteed !!!!

And all of this in a fun atmosphere with qualified and highly motivated language teachers !!!!


The pricing for the whole week is 480€ (including Tax)/ person, including breakfast and supporting material for the classes. 


The schedule will be as follows: 

9h30-12h30 : Morning courses

  • Complimentary breakfast courtesy of Mylanguage to start the day off right.

  • Intensive courses at our downtown facilities. 

12h30-14h00 : Lunch Break

  • Different options depending on the day's program and location :

  • Traditional restaurants to discover the food and culture downtown.

  • Salads and sandwiches on site and picnic depending on the weather. 

  • For each camp, an entire day will be devoted to a field trip (in France for French and Germany for German). Lunch will be on-site.

  • As part of the cultural immersion experience, students will participate in a cooking activity. In that case, they will have prepared their own lunch!

14h00-17h30 : Varied activities

  • Multiple activities designed to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the morning sessions :

  • Museum visits.

  • Shopping in Luxembourg, France, Germany or at « The Little Britain » in Capellen depending on the target language.

  • Movies and team games, hikes, bowling and darts

  • Cultural sessions on different topics (fashion, jewelry, modern art etc.)


At Mylanguage, we emphasize the need for cohesive groups just as much as the quality of courses. To guarantee quality services, groups are limited to ten people of similar level. The minimum required level for summer camps is A2 (basic ability to speak and comprehend the target language). 


       German: July 31-Aug. 4, Aug. 21-25 

French: July 17-21, Aug. 7-11

Luxembourgish: July 24-28, Aug. 14-18

English: Aug. 28-Sep. 1, Sep. 4-8


For teenagers (16+ years) and adults. To participate, you can register online here before July 7th.


S5 Box

S5 Box