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Indicative Pricing

Please note that these are indicative prices excluding VAT. They also include our teacher's transportation to your offices. You might qualify for a variety of discounts, for instance based on the amount of courses needed-please contact us for a detailed offer. And make sure you check out the funding opportunities.


Quantifiable results

With intellectual services, it can be hard to offer quantifiable results. But here are a couple of ways that indicate how efficient our training is and help you keep track of your team's progress. The whole teaching process is marked by three evaluation stages:

  1. The initial screening defines language levels and allows us to form optimal groups and define goals for the training.
  2. The mid-term evaluation is a two-way process. On the one hand the students progress is tested. On the other hand students have the possibility to give feedback about several aspects of the training. This enables us to make sure we are meeting the student's expectations and helps the HR department keep track of how things are going.
  3. The final report and progress chart provide a detailed evaluation of the student's acquired skills. Strengths and weaknesses are pointed out along with our recommendations for future improvement. We can also deliver certificates stating the student's final level. The reports are handed both to students and human resources for more accountability. 

Moreover, we know how to optimize attendance and collaborate with human resources should there be any concerns. 

Finally, we believe that you will indeed see the difference that our training makes in many more ways then listed above.

Corporate courses

  • At "Mylanguage", students study in groups (maximum 10 students) which are formed after an initial screening where language level and learning needs are determined.
  • You can choose the schedule that better matches your calendar:
    • full time courses (6-8 hours per day),
    • part time courses (3-4 hours per day),
    • weekly courses (90-120 minutes once, twice or three times a week),
    • summer courses in the country of your chosen language with caring host families who will make you feel at home,
    • excursions or social activities for a total language immersion.
  • Our excellent and motivated teachers are at your service for morning, lunch time and evening classes, even on weekends. The training is given at clients' offices and in private homes.
  • To better fit each student's learning style we offer a wide variety of teaching support, both modern and traditional. We emphasize oral comprehension and expression through in-class teaching and real-life practice during our cultural events.
  • We provide progress reports to supervisors as well as students for maximum accountability. You can read more on this site about how our courses are customized and offer quantifiable results.
  • The offered courses include English, German, French, Luxembourgish, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Romanian and Russian.




Everything tailored to your needs

Unlike traditional language schools that stick to a prescribed curriculum and schedule, we adapt our style, pace and teaching methods to each individual student without compromising the training goals. In line with this we:

  • Carry out an initial screening at your company in order to evaluate the language level, work requirements and personal needs.
  • We do our best to form homogeneous groups and have the know-how to handle differences in level.
  • During the first lesson, teacher and students agree on a programme which will be re-evaluated throughout the course.
  • Based on this, a complete curriculum is established by the school for each separate class.
  • When teaching, our trainers take into account each individual's cultural and educational background as well as learning style, be it visual, auditory, kinesthetic or a combination of the  above.
  • Our classes can be given in the most suitable location for our students and we go out of our way to accommodate you.

We think that each person deserves our full attention. That is why our teachers are pedagogically trained and strong at creating an open and inviting classroom environment for everyone. 

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